Beth Celebrates 30 Years

Beth celebrates 30 yearsAs Regional Vice President Beth McCoy celebrates her 30th anniversary with PartyLite, she can’t help but point out that way back in 1984 she had absolutely no intention of starting a business … or even attending a Party!

“I was working as a paralegal and I never went to home Parties,” the Star Gazers Region RVP recalls. “I was an eye-roller … if you know what I mean! A friend of mine invited me to a Party and she promised me it was very different than other companies. Reluctantly, I went and fell in love first with the Consultant because she was so awesome, and then with the product for the same reason!”

Beth went from eye-roller to Host and eventually became a Consultant, too. She’s been loving it ever since.

“I love decorating,” she says. “Product is my first love because I’m a trendy kind of gal. That’s what got me into PartyLite to begin with, and it’s what keeps me into it!”

Karen Conkey, PartyLite U.S. Vice President of Sales, agrees wholeheartedly.

“Beth’s love for and loyalty to PartyLite have always been the centerpiece of her success,” Karen says. “We’ve always appreciated her perspective on how to merchandise and sell our products, and she’s helped us launch numerous product lines over the years. Most of all, though, she’s always focused on using product as a way for people to achieve their chosen lifestyles through PartyLite … and that’s what this business is all about!”

Soon after Beth discovered her PartyLite passion, she moved from West Virginia to Ohio, becoming the first Consultant in the Midwest. “And that’s when my business exploded,” she recalls. “I held nine Parties a week because there weren’t any other Consultants back then, but not for long! We grew extremely fast and I became an RVP in 1989. I loved it then and I still do.”

Beth has many great memories with her PartyLite home-based business. While her most cherished honor is winning the first ever, peer-selected “Positive Influence Award,” it’s the people who’ve made the greatest impact on her life and business.

“Olga Puzas was my mentor and she made such an impression on me by teaching this little girl from West Virginia how to decorate and how to mentor people. Without her, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. And the incredible people in my Star Gazers Region are the most caring, kind, considerate, encouraging, motivating people in the world. They have the biggest hearts of anyone I know!”

Despite all the changes over the last 30 years, Beth believes one thing about PartyLite has remained the same.

“What hasn’t changed is the people in PartyLite – the core people who love this company and this product. The people are the best part of PartyLite and they always will be too. For me, Zig Zigler captured the essence of what PartyLite is all about when he said, ‘You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want.’ Well, PartyLite is all about people helping people. That’s what we do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Congratulations, Beth, on 30 wonderful years with PartyLite!