Cathy Sees Bonus Boost From Home-Based Business!

Cathy Sees Bonus Boost From Home-Based Business!

How about earning an extra $1,300 to add to your regular monthly income from PartyLite? Group Leader Cathy Norman of the Greater Significance Region has used her home-based business income from the LeaderBuck$ program to pay for a family camping trip, trips with her daughter, a down payment on a van and so much more!

How does she do it? As a Region, Cathy, a resident of Williams Lake, British Columbia, says they focus on a 20% increase in sales over the previous year to grow business.

“The first thing I do each month is look at what I am personally prepared to do because I am in control of that.”

During monthly meetings and on personal coaching calls, Cathy encourages team members to also set their own goals.

“Breaking sales goals down into Party goals and online sales targets helps give a focus and also often shows how achievable it truly is.  In recent months, we have started team goals too.  A great example of this was when our Region Party challenge was announced with Grand Slam last month. Everyone got involved and we did a countdown on our team Facebook page as we worked toward our challenge. It really created a sense of team spirit and comradery!  It was so much fun to see the team rally together and everyone felt a part of something bigger then themselves.”

What about sponsoring? Cathy says it really breathes new life into your business, so she leads by example by showing her team the importance of personal sponsoring.

“I think creating a culture of sponsoring right off the bat with new Consultants and encouraging everyone to go for Team Builder and showing them all the rewards that go along with that helps set the pace and create momentum too!”

Great advice, Cathy!