Forever a PartyLite Legend

Amazing … classy … inspirational … a PartyLite legend. Olga Puzas was all of that and so much more.Amazing … classy … inspirational … a PartyLite legend. Olga Puzas was all of that and so much more.

From climbing through the ranks as the first Regional Vice President in 1983 to leading the way as a National Ambassador and announcing product launches at annual conferences, she was a major influence throughout PartyLite.

“She did such a beautiful job,” said Anne MacInnis, a PartyLite historian and one of the first employees hired to start the company. “She was always upbeat and willing to help the field.”

Olga, a resident of Thornburg, Pennsylvania, passed away on Saturday at the age of 78.

Karen Conkey, Vice President of Sales, U.S., recalled her impact over the years. “She loved our product so much and could show us how to appreciate the value of even the smallest product in a line. But most of all, she was pure class – all the time.”

The PartyLite trailblazer joined in 1981, earning many accolades from the start, including the prestigious Lady of the Year award three years in a row from 1981‐1983, while breaking the $1 million mark in Region sales in 1984. She was a regular attendee at incentive trips and took center stage for the annual unveiling of new product at PartyLite conferences.

Throughout her more than 30 years with PartyLite, Olga was especially proud to be a mentor to many, helping everyone she could along the way.

“There is nothing more rewarding than watching people reach their goals in life,” Olga said.

Amazing … classy … inspirational … a PartyLite legend. Olga Puzas was all of that and so much more.One of those fortunate enough to build a lasting friendship with Olga was Senior Regional Vice President Gerri Pletcher of the Premiere Region. Olga helped Gerri join PartyLite in 1985.

Olga was alongside for many special moments in countless PartyLite careers. Over the past few days, an outpouring of tributes flooded social media from a number of people Olga touched. Senior Regional Vice President Tammie King of the New Beginnings Region first met Olga at her first conference in 1994.

“She spoke to me and treated me like I was special and worthy of success in PartyLite,” Tammie recalled. Fellow Senior Regional Vice President Gina Fletcher of the Transformation 2.0 Region echoed the statement.

“She made everyone feel important and valued and brought pure joy and class to everything she touched. And the way she romanced the product was amazing! I used her words every single year to sell and build.” “She was my mentor and will be missed so much!” said Senior Regional Vice President Leigh Kirk of the $ellabration Region. “She was where PartyLite began in my opinion.”

All of us at PartyLite offer our sincerest condolences to Olga’s family and friends. She will be dearly missed.