Free Vacation! PartyLite 2015 Jamaica

Free vacation? Seriously? Are you lucky just to see “approved” on your vacation request?

“Sorry, that week won’t work.” Is that what your boss says? Well, PartyLite has an idea for you: Maybe it’s time to become your own boss.

When you run your own PartyLite business, YOU are the boss. You can make good money, give yourself a raise, manage your own hours, receive fabulous business support and take advantage of the latest online and ecommerce tools at an outrageously reasonable rate. Plus, although you’re in business for yourself, you’re never “by yourself.” You’re a valued member of a caring, inspiring team who wants you to succeed.

All of that is fabulous, of course. But what nearly everyone in PartyLite will tell you is that the most amazing reward for running your own PartyLite business is something you earn for yourself and that the company awards – A VACATION!

It happens every year. PartyLite takes Consultants and Leaders who have met their goals on a fabulous trip to someplace fantastic. And it’s always FREE! PartyLite even helps everyone earn the trip with double- and sometimes triple-point opportunities along the way.

Oh, and it’s not just free for you, either. You can earn a vacation for two! Your spouse, your significant other, your best friend – you choose. The two of you experience the vacation of your dreams, a non-stop party with PartyLite in some exotic, gorgeous location and a ton of new friends and memories to savor forever.

This summer, the 2015 PartyLite trip was to one of the most beautiful islands in the world -Jamaica! Caribbean sun, lush scenery, gorgeous beaches, cool drinks, fireworks, hot music — it all happened at one of the finest resorts in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica.