Gerri Shows Power of PartyLite

Gerri Shows Power of PartyLite“Go out there and amaze yourself,” says Senior Regional Vice President Gerri Pletcher of the Premiere Region. And that’s exactly what she’s done over 30 stellar years in the business. But, like so many PartyLite success stories, it took a while for her to truly believe she had “the right stuff .”

“In 1985, when I started with PartyLite, I was a full-time English teacher and I had no experience with direct sales at all. I remember saying to my husband, ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this! I’ve never sold anything in my life.’ Bob was always incredibly supportive and said, ‘You sell something every day that people don’t want … you’re an English teacher!’”

Gerri quickly transformed her outlook on her home-based business but continued teaching through the fi rst eight years with PartyLite. As the opportunity presented itself, she began to dream big … and PartyLite delivered.

“PartyLite has aff orded my family many things, but the No. 1 thing is it helped us educate our two sons so they could become independent to raise their families,” she says with pride. “My oldest son is a doctor and my youngest son is a college professor. There is no way in heck that my husband and I would have been able to aff ord the thousands of dollars it took to educate these children without PartyLite.”

Gerri has had many influential people in her life, but two stand out: her late husband Bob and longtime Regional Vice President Olga Puzas.
“Bob was the most influential person in my life,” she says with evident fondness. “Bob and Olga became best of friends almost immediately, and together they were instrumental in my success.”

That success began with low expectations at a neighbor’s Party 30 years ago. And it’s where Gerri met Olga. “She was fascinated that I was a school teacher and my husband was a school administrator. She called me three days later and I put her off. A few days after that I got some handwritten career information in the mail because that’s what we had back then! She came out to talk to Bob and me and I agreed to do it for three months. Well, here I am 30 years later.”

Gerri’s achievements over the past 30 years demonstrate the power of the PartyLite opportunity, according to U.S. Vice President of Sales Karen Conkey.

“She’s built a team that focuses on a very strong and consistent personal business. She sets that example personally and has always focused on the income a Leader or Consultant can earn and what that income can do for them.”

Gerri’s exemplary career is proof of what’s possible with PartyLite and her two accomplished sons are living legacies for all that she and Bob achieved together.

“My husband was a school administrator and had a PhD. My oldest is an MD and my youngest is a professor. So I’d always joke, ‘I have Dr. Bob, Dr. John and Dr. Jim, and all I am is an SRVP!’”

Decades after a reluctant start, Gerri’s amazed herself. It’s fair to say she’s earned her share of advanced degrees in the PartyLite world.

Congratulations, Gerri!