New_RVP_Hope_Karschnia_ProfileNew Regional Vice President Hope Karschnia
Region: Livin’ The Dream
Start Date: Sept. 19, 1998
Promoted out by Teresa Schmidt, Precious Moments II Region

Your newest PartyLite Regional Vice President is the first to tell you that it takes a lot more than “hope” to build a Region. It takes consistency, teamwork, focus and a crystal clear vision of what senior Leadership really means.

That’s the formula applied by new Regional Vice President Hope Karschnia of the brand new Livin’ the Dream Region. When the right moment came along, this long-time Consultant, Group Leader and Future RVP Power Team member knew it was time to step up to RVP.

New_RVP_Hope_Karschnia_Profile1“I always knew I wanted to be an RVP. When my husband, Mark, retired in June as a fire chief, we put the plan in motion. I just knew I needed the time to be right. But it wasn’t just me who would be doing it. We were going to do it as a family: me, Mark, our children Loren (10) and Alex (7) and even Lena, our foreign exchange student from Germany.”

Hope had an action plan that she’d worked out with her upline Leader, Senior Regional Vice President Teresa Schmidt of the Precious Moments II Region.

“Teresa had been talking to me more and more about promoting to RVP. In fact, she and her husband, Dale, took me and Mark out to dinner one night. We had a long conversation and really settled on what we’d like to accomplish and how we could all work together. After that, Mark and I sat down and agreed that, yes, this is something we can do and we’re going to do it together.”

Teresa had no doubt that Hope would achieve her goals … and more.

New_RVP_Hope_Karschnia_Profile3“Hope is a goal setter,” she says, “and she doesn’t stop until she gets it. She always does what she says she’s going to do. So, once she made up her mind, I knew she’d make it and she did. She went from Group Leader to RVP in six months.”

Hope’s plan started with her own commitment to working harder and smarter.

“I started by taking full advantage of every opportunity to learn from other Leaders,” she says. “I also set aside one day a week to be in my office from morning to night on the phone, working with my Unit, my Leaders … anyone!

“My focus was not just on having Leaders, but having strong Leaders. I made sure they didn’t promote to Leadership and then hang there on their own. I have one Leader who promoted out a long time ago and we still do calls every Monday. It’s not just working with a few chosen ones. It’s working with those who want to work with me to build and grow strong, stable businesses.”

Hope’s family was the next critical part of her success plan.

“The other thing that really fueled my growth was that I brought my whole family on board. My kids became part of my business. We had a goal that we were working toward together and that was a family vacation that the kids were going to plan themselves. We created a vision board together so when they had to make little sacrifices because mom had to work, we could point to it and remind them that their vacation was the reason I was working so hard.”

PartyLite U.S. Vice President of Sales Karen Conkey feels strongly that Hope gained strength and motivation by involving her family.

“I was so impressed with how she involved the entire family in her vision for Leadership,” Karen says. “Like any good Leader, she detailed the role they were each going to play, and shared the rewards the entire family would enjoy when she succeeded. She had a vision. She shared it with those who meant the most in her life and, together, they ALL made it happen!”

Hope is extremely proud of how connected and responsible her kids feel toward “their” business.

“When there’s extra work to be done, they volunteer to do it,” she says. “It’s so nice when Loren tells me that she wants to be a candle lady too someday. It makes me proud that she wants to be like me.”

Of course, Hope has lots more people who’ve helped her throughout her career … beginning at the beginning!

“The girl who introduced me to PartyLite back in 1998, Sheila Krause, is still with the company. If it weren’t for her doing her job so well and asking me to join her, I wouldn’t be here today. And of course, my Leader team has been fantastic along with all the other Leaders who shared their experiences and strategies with me along the way.”

Now it’s Hope’s turn to be a great Leader who helps others to achieve their dreams. And Teresa Schmidt knows she’s the right person to do it.

“Hope’s a participator, and you need that in a successful Region. She’s a wonderful, hands-on Leader who encourages her team to get involved.”

Now the sky is the limit for Livin’ The Dream and Hope knows it.

“We are continuing to grow,” she says. “We have some very strong Leaders who are excited to train and grow and build their own Regions. And we all just want to be big and bad!”

Sounds like a plan! Congratulations, Hope