Kayte Purchases New Car with PartyLite Income

SpotLiteKTurnerCar_nAfter Kayte Turner was involved in a car accident a couple of weeks ago, she needed to prepare a plan to get back on the road with a new vehicle. Because of her PartyLite income, the Unit Leader in the So … Excited! Region didn’t have to look far to find the financial support.

“Thanks to my Unit Leader income with PartyLite, this is the least scared I’ve ever been to have a car payment,” the Anaheim, California, resident says.

Kayte started her home-based business in 2014 and quickly jumped into the Leadership ranks. She consistently achieved Bonus and added six new team members since LITE15 – the annual PartyLite conference.

In recent months, Kayte has also taken advantage of the LeaderBuck$ program, which provides extra cash for exceeding previous sales totals. On top of her usual PartyLite income, she used the extra $245 in September to celebrate her niece’s birthday, pay a bill and take her partner out for dinner.