Leadership Adds Even More Income Potential

PartyLite Leaders continue earning big money through the LeaderBuck$ program, which provides extra income by beating previous year sales and growing your Unit. These earners have used the extra money to take vacations, pay off car loans and enjoy a little more financial freedom!


1“What an amazing bonus. It has made such a BIG difference.”

Unit Leader Deena Kruger, Greater Significance (EARNED AN EXTRA $784.59 IN DECEMBER!)


2“It’s my favorite promotion ever. It has made such a difference in my world this year.”

District Leader Susan Auger, Livin’ & Lovin’ Lite (EARNED AN EXTRA $827.06 IN DECEMBER!)


3“LeaderBuck$ is amazing. The extra income for my family has been life changing.”

Senior Unit Leader Resina Guidetti, Real Diehl (EARNED AN EXTRA $527.74 IN DECEMBER!)



“Wahoooo!!!!! What an amazing perk for simply doing our jobs well.”

Group Leader Cathy Norman, Greater Significance (EARNED AN EXTRA $502.97 IN DECEMBER!)