New Senior Regional Vice President

Corliss promoted out eight first level Units, and three second level Units.

Congratulations on your commitment and success, Corliss!

 Corliss RattiCorliss Ratti, SRVP

Region: Excellence

Joined PartyLite: July 1993

Upline Leader: Senior Regional Vice President Angie Carriere, Infinite Opportunities Region

Corliss Ratti_1When new Senior Regional Vice President Corliss Ratti decided it was time to get her “S” back,Senior Regional Vice President Angie Carriere had no doubt in her mind that she would make it happen.

“Corliss has very high standards for herself and her business,” says Angie, her upline Leader, who has been watching Corliss grow into a world-class Leader over the last 20 years. “She is a master at goal setting enabling her to achieve things very quickly.”

Tracie Graham, Vice President of Sales for PartyLite Canada, agrees.

Corliss Ratti_2“Like most true Leaders,” Tracie says, “when Corliss has a goal in mind, she stops at nothing until she achieves it. Her most recent goal was to double her Leader team over this past year, and by partnering with and supporting her existing Leader team, they have done just that!”

It took a vacation for Corliss to decide to rebuild her Region and begin impacting lives once again.

Corliss Ratti_3“I know if I can help others to create better lives for themselves, then I have done something very powerful with my life,” she says with typical humility. “Awhile back I went on a family vacation. I started thinking about how I was lacking passion for my business. So I decided that, if I were a real Leader, I would make some changes rather than wait for changes to happen to me. I decided I needed to promote some new first-level Leaders.”

True to form, Corliss began pursuing that goal with single-minded determination.

“I reached out to Consultants in my Unit and let them know I was looking for people who wanted to ‘run’ with me. I made proposals to them and made it known that if they would work with me, we could promote them to Unit Leader within 30 days. It turns out you find what you’re looking for! Right away, I found Renata Briggs, an inactive Consultant who was looking to build her business and become a Leader.”

Renata was soon the beneficiary of the extensive knowledge and experience that Corliss brings to this business.

“I partnered with Renata and she was responsible for getting six bookings up right away. Without bookings, you can’t promote-out, right? Then Renata compiled a lead list of all her past Customers and contacts. We blocked out one hour a day for five straight days and did lead calls together. I talked and she listened. That way she could get training right there and learn how to do a cold call while we built her business. As luck would have it, the first person we reached out to on a 3-way lead call actually joined the business.”

You’re probably wondering what Corliss said that worked so well on those cold calls.

“I’d say, ‘I’m Corliss Ratti, a Regional Vice President with PartyLite. You don’t know who I am, but if you have a moment, I’ll explain why I’m calling. We have a fantastic new product line and not enough Consultants showing it off. So we’re contacting all of our past Customers to see if they have a need for extra cash because we’re expanding into your area. So I’m wondering if you have a few minutes to see if you have a need for extra cash?’ Pretty much all of them would say, ‘oh yeah, I need cash’ or ‘I love PartyLite,’ and we made a lot of progress in a short, short time.”

While Corliss talked and trained, Renata’s business stepped onto the fast track for PartyLite success. Angie is not surprised.

“Corliss is an exceptional trainer. She puts her time and effort into her training and it shows in everything she does. She’s very inspirational.”

Helping others through PartyLite is what motivates Corliss every day.

“PartyLite has impacted my life in such a great way,” she says. “But it’s Leadership that’s made the biggest difference. So when I want to make a lasting impact on my life and the lives of others, it means helping others to become Leaders.”

Corliss is quick to share her spotlight.

“My upline Leaders – SRVPs, Angie Carriere, Teri Larson, Debby Richardson – and the whole North American RVP Team have always been there for me. I love being a part of this team.”

Angie might be Corliss’ biggest fan.

“I’m just so proud of who she has become. It’s really amazing to think about where she came from to where she is now and the amount of obstacles she encountered along the way. She overcame all of them and kept moving forward.” Tracie Graham agrees and sees nothing but success ahead for the Excellence Region.

“Corliss has so much to share and give. Her personal story is one of inspiration and triumph, and her positive outlook and unwavering belief in people leaves her with unlimited opportunities to grow and prosper!”

And that’s good news for anyone smart enough to say “yes” when Corliss invites them to step up to Leadership with PartyLite!

Congratulations, Corliss!