PartyLite Fundraiser Scores Big

32Traci Disbennett knew she needed to find a way to help her son’s football team acquire new helmets. And her PartyLite business provided the perfect fundraising program to support that goal.

Traci organized a drive that raised $5,243.50 for Logan Elm Youth Football League to purchase new helmets. The resident of Laurelville, Ohio, and Consultant in the Vision Region, who started her PartyLite home-based business in January 2015, said her first PartyLite fundraiser experience was “awesome.”

“They purchased the safest helmets they could get to protect the kids from concussions,” Traci says.

1The process started when members of the league board asked parents for support in acquiring funds for new helmets. Traci, whose 8-year-old son Parker plays in the league, jumped at the chance to help with her PartyLite business, setting up fundraiser packets for everyone.

“They found it hard to believe they didn’t have to do anything,” she says. “All of the fundraiser packets handed out had all of my contact info with instructions to contact me with questions that may arise. The only question that came up was, ‘How do we get more order forms.’”

In addition to providing much-needed assistance to a great cause, Traci introduced her business to many new people during the process. She’s also planning two more fundraisers in the near future.

“Now I know it’s possible,” Traci says.

Congratulations on your fundraising success, Traci, and good luck, Logan Elm!