The Magic of Mosaic Comes to Light at PartyLite This Season

Is there a decorating element that works seamlessly with every style? Yes! Mosaic does.

What exactly is a “mosaic”? It’s a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material – such as glass, stone, clay or tile.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional … or eclectic … or country … or pretty much anything else … mosaic fits right in, adding texture and drama and a sense of history wherever you put it.

Maybe that’s because it really is one of the very oldest design elements in human history. The ancient Greeks and Romans used mosaic. So did the Byzantines. Take a look at this famous image of the first Byzantine Emperor, Justinian, with his crew. (He ruled from 527-565 A.D.) The entire piece is mosaic. Take a close look at the wall behind all the guys.


Could that not be a modern-day kitchen backsplash? And speaking of those mosaic tile backsplashes we all love, have you noticed how great they look with traditional or country kitchen cabinets?

PartyLite knows that mosaic glass is super fabulous in any setting. And when you add in the glow of candlelight, you double the drama. That’s why, for truly glittery nights, you surely want some pieces from the current collection of PartyLite candle holders and fragrance accessories.

There’s the incredibly popular Vienna Hurricane with its own tealight tree, as well as the stunning Vienna Votive Holder and Vienna Tealight Trio.

And new this season, a mosaic collection designed for drama and dazzle, including the glittery City Lights Votive Holder and magically metallic City Lights ScentGlow® Warmer – all crafted in beautiful mosaic glass to convey a sense of true artistry. Are they contemporary? Sure. But their glow will add exactly the right touch to your traditional or country décor, too – for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons and straight through the years to come.

Be sure to check with your PartyLite Consultant about how to add any or all of these stunning mosaic pieces to your holiday décor for free! Party time!