The Many Gifts of PartyLite

The Many Gifts of PartyLiteSenior Unit Leader Jeanne McGhee of the Champions Region shared this great story about her home-based PartyLite business and many experiences over the past 20 years:

“My adventure with this company began 20 years ago, when I literally started just for the FREE stuff. Exactly 2 days after I joined this incredible company, my world was shaken. The love of my life was in a severe car accident that would prove to change our world as we knew it. Tomorrow, I will celebrate the gift of 20 extra years with this man. Today, I thank God for the provision he provided before I knew I needed it.

PartyLite has enabled me to remain a stay-at-home mom, say ‘yes’ to homeschooling, be there for piano, singing, dance lessons … sit on the sidelines for football practice, cheer for games … stay up late as support during crunch time for college finals … snuggle them through sickness, and heartbreaks … drop what I am doing to be wherever I was needed at a moment’s notice without the fear of being ‘written up.’ It has enabled me to say ‘yes’ to more things, to meet some of the most AMAZING people, and grow some of the sweetest relationships with Consultants, Hosts and Guests. Some of the most dynamic people, I call ‘friend.’ I have grown in confidence, and been awarded a multiple of vacation getaways in exotic locations.

I consider myself truly blessed that someone shared PartyLite with me, and am excited to celebrate my 20th with such an ethical, stable company! Thank you, everyone, who has been a part of my 20-year journey! I look forward to what lies ahead, and treasure the gift of 20 years with a company that proved to be a spark of hope during a time that shook our world. Thank you, PartyLite!”